Welcome to the online portal

Welcome to the online portal for the Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme


The scheme is available to all former and current Victoria Police employees.  


You can apply if you experienced workplace sex discrimination and/or sexual harassment before 12 December 2019, and the behaviour:

    - relates to a Victoria Police workplace

    - happened while you were working

    - was perpetrated by a person who was a Victoria Police employee at the time


Our support team is available to answer any questions. Please contact us for a free and confidential discussion. Your privacy will always be protected.  


Call: 1300 389 521, Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm (excluding public holidays)


Email: thescheme@justice.vic.gov.au


To find out more visit vic.gov.au/redress-police-employees


You will need to complete your application on a computer (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers are recommended)



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